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3rd method to speed up TouchPad – OverClock

29 Sep



29 Sep

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my Flipboard on WebOS


29 Sep 所有廣告都擋了

Install “Ad Blocker” from Preware


iPhone 配對 TouchPad 打電話

17 Sep
September 19 – new video added
0. Reboot TouchPad & your iPhone
1. 在 Preware 內找 freeTether, download & install
2. 關上 TouchPad 的 Bluetooth & Wifi
3. 在 General Prefs 下開啟 AUTO BT TETHER

4. 在 Bluetooth Prefs下開啟 PAN PROFILE
5. 在 TouchPad 開啟 BLUETOOTH
6. iPhone 開啟藍芽配對
7. 在 TouchPad SETTINGS, 開啟藍芽
8. 按 “Yes, Allow”, 配對完成
9. 現在你可以在 “Phone & Video Calls” 打電話

Video player from kalemsoft

16 Sep

Full version with rmvb support

more info from company

P.S. Browse this page in TouchPad and it will launch Preware to download and install.

死左機點算?webOS Doctor 幫到你!

15 Sep

如果你部機 … 死左

webOS Doctor is solution. You need a full power USB port and connect to your TouchPad, run the Doctor program and restore to original

More Tabs on TouchPad

15 Sep

People ask me how to add more “Tabs” in TouchPad, so far what I found in Preware is  “Add Launcher Tabs”.

It add the “Games” and “Homebrew” tabs.