Hand writting – 手寫

8 Oct


1. ipk file 能夠 uninstall,但並不會還原成英文版核心狀態,需要重新刷機(doctor)才能恢復英文版核心

2. 系統建議選字 bugs, 無論選那一個, 系統總是給最左方的第一個字


Offical download : http://www.mporting.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=com.mporting.ime.zh-cn.patch_3.0.2_all.ipk

1. WebOS Quick Install – com.mporting.ime.zh-cn.patch_3.0.2_all.ipk

2.安裝的時候可能會出現安裝到最後彈出類似“Error” 的提示,不用擔心,只是核心組件被替換之後,設備已經和PC失去連接,但安裝實際上是正常完成了,並且會自行reboot,不需要裝第二次.

3. Reboot 後,select “Settings”, “Regional Setting”

4. Select Keyboard and 改為 to “手寫”

6. Go to Downloads, “IME Setting”

7. Turn on “繁體” – Output traditional Chinese.

8. ** Most import part ** 調整較慢寫入速度 – Writing Speed to Slow

9. Bingo


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